Yoga In The Park


This weekend was our first weekend for Yoga in The Park, we taught Saturday in Addison Circle. Two of our dear friends came out for the class, we set up our mats in front of water fountains and under some trees for shade. It was such a beautiful morning it was not too hot yet, the weather could not have been more perfect! Sunday we went to The Nature Preserve for class, it was quite busy there they had a church service going on which was pretty neat. The church had live music which we could hear from where we were which was nice since we did not bring any music, again it was another beautiful morning! Lauren and I had so much fun teaching this weekend we are hoping more people come next weekend! We will be posting new locations this week sometime, so keep checking back with us here or at our new Facebook page:






Tag You’re It

Alright! So my dear Friend over at has tagged us in a wonderful blog tag you’re it game! Basically what happens is you get tagged, and they will ask you a question and then you answer it and continue on tagging other people.

Carly asked us: “What are y’all most excited about for the upcoming cross-country journey? Learning more about yoga? The people who practice its’ many forms? Learning more about yourselves? Maybe it’s all intertwined. Let’s hear it!”

Well Carly, Lauren and I are excited to travel to meet new people and to learn from everyone that we meet along the way. We are so excited to be giving back to the community and help unite communities along the way and shed some light on yoga! There are so many different paths we can take in life, and in yoga no one studio is created equally and we want to shed light on that, show all the different types of yoga there are. There has been recent controversies in the yoga community with injury, making it an Olympic sport, and christianity (or religion in general not just christianity) in yoga and these are all topics we will address here and through out our journey as we interview different people and different studios.

ooamerica: They are also doing a documentary where they travel around simply wanting to know “What’s your philosophy in life?”

My question for ya’ll: How did ya’ll get started with the planning process? What was the most effective way you raised money for your adventure? How did you break down the budgeting?



Yoga In The Park

Yoga In The Park will take place this Saturday at 9am at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, come out and enjoy one of Lauren’s amazing flows! Enjoy the scenery and relax!

We are so excited to start Yoga In The Park, this is the first big piece of our puzzle! We have so much planning to do and though it seems like we have all this time to do it in, we really don’t and before we know it out deadline will be here and I hope that everything works out and begins to fall into place. Last night I was teaching in uptown at Gaia Flow Yoga where lauren and I met these two men, they were father and son and they were so kind and caring. The son is in the film industry and wants to help us out with out endeavor the father is in marketing and he too would liked to help us out in any way possible. I cannot help but to see this as a huge and amazing sign, I truly believe that you ask and you shall receive and the universe will put the right people into your lives to help you. Lauren and I are so humbled by the fact that they wanted to help us out, it is so nice to meet such good hearted and kind people we are all connected and we are all in this together so why not take a moment to be kind to someone else and help them out if you can.

So big thanks to the Voss family and all of your kindness, we will not forget it!



Upcoming Yoga Class

Lauren and I are starting to teach yoga on the weekends at local parks around the Dallas area, the class will be donation based!

Come out and enjoy a wonderful 60 minute yoga class each Saturday and Sunday morning at 9am, tell all your friends!

This is an excellent way to learn yoga with out the cost and hassle of a studio membership, it will be fun relaxed and educational!

What you need:




-work out clothes of any kind will do


Lauren & Sydney


Welcome to our site! Lauren and I are both certified yoga instructors through Yoga Alliance and we are both currently instructors at a beautiful studio in Dallas called Gaia Flow Yoga! Lauren and I were in the same teacher training class where we met since, we have decided to set out on a cross-country road trip where we intend to learn as much as we can about yoga and the path to enlightenment while giving back to the community. We will be filming our trip and at each stop along the way we will create an opportunity to give back to a local charity! We do accept donations for our trip if you would like to do that please email us (information is in the about me section), if you have any advice for us or thoughts to help us out we would also appreciate that greatly!

Thank you so much for your time,


“Happiness cannot thrive within the prison of obligation.
Live wild, live free, live as master of your own fate.”

-Jonathan Lockwood Hule